Losing Fear

from by Torque Down



Now this is the time to be losing that fear inside oh my life that’s filled with fear the sequence of all authority the absence of all beyond against the justice that’s in my sight unequal the pain inside of me it may never be restored and shall always be unheard
You’ve seen and you’ve felt I know that you’ve been part of the situation of hard lies that always bite at the end I need some help I need somebody that’s there for me in my eyes throughout myself I’ve been used by others
And when you think that you’re all left alone that no one is around except these unrecognized voices Have you ever listened what your heart is telling you to do Why don’t you give it a try and see it for yourself and you might get a better result
Your chance is to prove there's something that you forget
In your eyes that surround with different things
You might know that this is the best
With all my knowledge with all my best
We will do whatever you want us to do
The spirit of life
The reality of hard life
It will destruct within our hands
Now is your chance don’t let it slip away
Gotta believe that you have the action that hasn’t been utilized
Don’t be afraid if you stand before all of them
It’s the time to put the action in your hand
If everybody watched you
And observed of what you’ve done
And all of them would see through
And would react to what they have


from COUNTERATTACK, released May 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Torque Down Toronto, Ontario

Angel on Vocals
Ken on Guitar
JP on Bass
Bobby on drums

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