from by Torque Down



Why don’t we totally understand what’s going on
How many unanswered question that you’ll keep ignored
How far can you go and keep taking all this crap
Maybe it’s time to stand do not be afraid of what’s around
I can’t believe how much you gained but I’m still the same
You are one corrupted thief we are disbelief
Just a waste to compare cause you’re always ahead
You will never stop till you get it all Get it all
Been working everyday of my life
And try to do what I know that is always right
Can’t get ahead because you’re always in my way
How long will they fool us aren’t you sick and tired of that
Are we gonna keep screaming inside and out ourselves
I’m blindfolded knees in the ground don’t seek at all
Truth will not exist no matter how hard you persist
You might succeed in life and get where you wanna go
But no matter where you go you’ll remain in the bottom of the race
I hope that one day you realize that there’s something more in life
And until you realize above all that you’re demise


from COUNTERATTACK, released May 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Torque Down Toronto, Ontario

Angel on Vocals
Ken on Guitar
JP on Bass
Bobby on drums

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