by Torque Down

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released May 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Torque Down Toronto, Ontario

Angel on Vocals
Ken on Guitar
JP on Bass
Bobby on drums

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Track Name: Ruthless Abandon
You make me believe in you. I almost gave up everything
But what I got was empty hopes and promises

I thought you and I were the same and would be there no matter what happens
I trusted and followed my heart everything seemed so real
I was totally blinded from your shadow that led me to endless suffering
One day I will bounce back and learn from my mistakes

Wake up Rise up Just give it up
It’s not the end of the world
Stay strong

So one day I will forgive but never forget the pain that you left all behind
But I will never blame anyone I know it’s my fault
You are the mirror of destruction I never ever realized till the end
I wish you all the best in life good things might happen to me

Maybe this happened for a reason. Just a wake up call
Things were never meant to be tomorrow is another day
You are ruthless such a wrecker but I will prove that I’ll get better in this life
Track Name: Stand Your Ground
This life that revolves upon you
Doesn’t have any clue to place yourself
At any cause you always strive for the best
And in the end you know there’s a chance of failure
You can’t give it up
Stand your ground
You can’t slack it back
Follow your self and do it your way
In everyday you walk here back and forth alone
Have you ever seen the new dimension
As you go on you always ask yourself
What would be the greatest motivation
Inside of you don’t listen to anyone
Just follow through you gotta hear this
As I take control I gotta prove that I don’t need anyone
As I stand alone I know one day I’ll get what’s mine
Stand your ground
Track Name: Through the Tunnel
Can’t handle pressure and my head is going to explode
Seems far away from reality
As I move on I don’t leave anything behind
Let me carry on get out of my way
Why don’t you open your eyes
Observe to absorb decide what is right
I gotta run faster and there’s no time to be wasted
You wouldn’t even see I’m right ahead
Let me finish what I started then I could prove right to myself
You wouldn’t even feel you’re left behind
Why don’t you open your eyes
Observe to absorb decide what is right
Why don’t you open your eyes
Observe to absorb listen to what I say
Listen to what I say
Freeze into situation you can’t go on
Confusion you gotta move it
Gotta make a step to achieve freedom
If all of them are against you to criticize
Just keep going straight don’t let them tear you
You gotta be strong
No matter what you do in life it’s up to you to decide
It’s your choice to be made don’t ever regret
Track Name: Losing Fear
Now this is the time to be losing that fear inside oh my life that’s filled with fear the sequence of all authority the absence of all beyond against the justice that’s in my sight unequal the pain inside of me it may never be restored and shall always be unheard
You’ve seen and you’ve felt I know that you’ve been part of the situation of hard lies that always bite at the end I need some help I need somebody that’s there for me in my eyes throughout myself I’ve been used by others
And when you think that you’re all left alone that no one is around except these unrecognized voices Have you ever listened what your heart is telling you to do Why don’t you give it a try and see it for yourself and you might get a better result
Your chance is to prove there's something that you forget
In your eyes that surround with different things
You might know that this is the best
With all my knowledge with all my best
We will do whatever you want us to do
The spirit of life
The reality of hard life
It will destruct within our hands
Now is your chance don’t let it slip away
Gotta believe that you have the action that hasn’t been utilized
Don’t be afraid if you stand before all of them
It’s the time to put the action in your hand
If everybody watched you
And observed of what you’ve done
And all of them would see through
And would react to what they have
Track Name: Undiminished Path
Now is the time for you to shut it up
Now is the time for you to understand
Now is the time for you to realize
Is this what you really want
Do you know what you have done
Too much time is on your hands
Nothing better to do with no direction
Consequence that really entertains you
Why don’t you use your fucking brain
You’re stupid than what you look
Just stay where you are and never get by
No matter how close you get it
My presence is to throw you away
No matter how hard you try
What we have is undiminished path
Our stand won’t be in your sight
As we will challenge you
And you will always fail
Our stand won’t be in your sight
No matter what it takes
You’ll never win at all
You really think that you’re in control
You feel good for what you have done
You think you ruined it
Let all them fall
Is that all you got
or something more
Why don’t you fade forever
Stay away from the family
There’s no need to communicate
Your scent always makes me sick
Track Name: To The Last
You fill me up completely it's the one that I only had
You always encourage when I’m down
The one that could make me strong
You bring it all to the very end
All these things you make them last
You satisfy our needs hardcore we belong to you
The believer this passion and will
The different one this pride will never die
So I will hold the name look it up and see it clear
Feel it from inside of me
The voice of pain that gets me through
We won't deny it we will scream it loud
As we stand together we will believe till the end
Believe till the end
As we seek the truth
All of it becomes positive in every way if you really believe
We don’t need any outside thoughts
To convince what ‘s right to ourselves
It’s always inside of me It will remain till the very last
It’s always here for me the unbroken faith to the last
Believe till the end
Track Name: Disbelief
Why don’t we totally understand what’s going on
How many unanswered question that you’ll keep ignored
How far can you go and keep taking all this crap
Maybe it’s time to stand do not be afraid of what’s around
I can’t believe how much you gained but I’m still the same
You are one corrupted thief we are disbelief
Just a waste to compare cause you’re always ahead
You will never stop till you get it all Get it all
Been working everyday of my life
And try to do what I know that is always right
Can’t get ahead because you’re always in my way
How long will they fool us aren’t you sick and tired of that
Are we gonna keep screaming inside and out ourselves
I’m blindfolded knees in the ground don’t seek at all
Truth will not exist no matter how hard you persist
You might succeed in life and get where you wanna go
But no matter where you go you’ll remain in the bottom of the race
I hope that one day you realize that there’s something more in life
And until you realize above all that you’re demise
Track Name: Final Turn
Free land the one we never had
Can we call it by our own
Or we just never had the chance
Where’s the freedom Who has to suffer
Nobody nobody but us
It’s the same old shit in every single game
How long How long would it be
We’re always the victim
Dropped out in the ground
No mercy just shoot as dead
You got what you want but you want it more
Unsatisfied steal them all
Lay down and burn down them all
Every night in my dream
I could even feel the pain that you’ve done
All this blood that spill in our land
Is death the only way or last choice that we have to take
An agitate that will force us to fall completely
If I only have the will I will bring you down in misery
No matter what if we were the victim or just about to fall
A second was the only time I had
I’ll make you suffer
And I make you feel it
That we will completely demolish you
The moment right after you suffer
I’ll execute you
The will to fight we will tear you apart
There’s no remorse criminal the killer
The will to fight we will get it back
There’s no remorse my turn to shut you down
Track Name: Kill As One
All of them are wasted for nothing
Is this the last time that we stand here in this field
And all of them are hoping for tomorrow’s light
It might be far away it may never come
Can we find a way Could
Can we feel the reality has mortality
Do you know what you’re here for
Do you know what’s the real cause
And what about the families
Do they really have to be as far
As it gets and there’s no way out
Is this the end or just the beginning
Kill as one Pull that trigger Kill as one
Are we really here for the real cause
The endless war that you long for
To fight the innocent lies
All cries will be unheard
All those lives are wasted for nothing
Track Name: Counterattack
In everyday life you’ve locked yourself inside but no one else
Try to escape feel obligate gotta keep the pace
Is this the meaning of life that I ever long
Everyday is a brand new day but nothing ever change
I don’t want to see you don’t want to deal with you
You make all things complicated as long as I’m with you
I don’t want to hear you I don’t wanna be nice to you
You and I will never be the same and came from different game
in any other way
I don’t want to see you don’t want to deal with you
You make all things complicated as long as I’m with you
You don’t even see it’s coming all the way to you
I’ll let you strike me all the way as I will move away and fade
No matter what I do I’m always wrong and you’re always right
But in the end I know that I can beat and outsmart you by distance
You keep doing it you keep pushing it
I know you’ll never change cuz that’s who you are
Doesn’t mean you’re sitting at the top will never reach you up but I won’t give it up
I might be stuck here for a while but I will figure it out and handle all the way
You can’t get it by and never satisfied I see it in your eyes that you’re full of hate
Track Name: Sakim
Ang mga tao dito sa Mundo ay walang kakunte-kuntento
Biyaya ng dyos na binaliwala ikaw ay nabulag sa kapalaran
Ano pa ang gusto mo Walang ibang itendi kunde sarile
Dakila ka ng kasapwangan Isama mo hanggang sa puntod mo
Ang swerte mo sa buhay mo
Lahat ay nasa iyo
Tignan mo ang paligid mo
Ano ba ang nakikita
Isa kang SAKIM Oi
Walang pakundangan sa kapwa tao
Ikaw ay manhid Oi
Eto ang lason sa buong katawan na papatay sayo
Mga tao sa paligid mo nag hangad ng munting kaligayahan
Simple lng ang pamumuhay maginhawa at nakaraos
Naging alipin sa nakaraan nag palakas samin sa puso at isipan
Pagsubok na hinaharap lutasin at iyong tularan
Imulat mo sa isipan mo na panandalian lang to
inangkin na nang kayamanan mo ang prinsipyo mo sa mundo
isa kang SAKIM Oi
Walang pakundangan sa kapwa tao
Ikaw ay manhid Oi
Eto ang lason sa buong katawan na papatay sayo